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E-learning training is the order of the day. If you want your distance course to be up to par, you will have to offer the best e-learning content to your students. One of the secrets for a successful e-learning training is that its design is attractive to students. At Sercan we can help you to present your e-learning content in a visual way that facilitates learning.

For an elearning training to be successful, it is essential that its design is attractive to students.

Advantages of online training

Interactivity in e-Learning

In e-learning, interactivity refers to the use of any type of strategy or element that helps students learn. Interactivity is one of the most striking and motivating elements of e-Learning compared to other types of training processes. The four types of interaction that occur in e-Learning are:

Student - Interface.

Student - Contents

Student - Tutor

Student - Student

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Fundamental in e-Learning

Student - Interface

The student-interface interaction is fundamental in e-Learning and becomes a necessary requirement for any other type of interaction to take place. This interaction occurs when the student uses technological instruments to perform a certain action. When a student accesses an e-Learning course, she can decide in which spaces to access: training area, communications space, blogs, course resources, etc.
Choose the source of information

Student - Contents

This type of interaction is perhaps the most striking because it is the one that supports the acquisition of the content and skills to be acquired. It is usually affirmed that the contents must be interactive, in the sense of allowing students to choose the source of information in which they wish to acquire them (text, audio, video). For this, it is also required that the contents of a course are well structured and organized and that they allow the student to navigate flexibly through them to facilitate meaningful learning.
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Diseño de cursos en Scorm
Essential in e-Learning processes

Student - Tutor

The interactivity of the content is important, but so is the interaction between the student and the tutor. This is essential in e-Learning processes. The tutor will be the person in charge of guiding and guiding the student throughout the course. He will also be the one who solves the doubts and problems that arise during the course.
Perform collaborative tasks with colleagues

Student - Student

A last, and not least, look at interactivity is the one that occurs between students who participate in a training action. Student-student interaction is another key to the e-Learning process. The student will not only interact with the content and with the tutor through the course interface. Through the common communication spaces, there is the possibility of carrying out collaborative tasks with colleagues.
Diseño de cursos en Scorm
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All teaching-learning process involves an interaction of the student with the environment, with the tutor, with the didactic materials.

Well structured and organized


Use technological tools


Collaborative tasks

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Course Design in Scorm

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