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SEO positioning

SEO positioning is also known as web positioning, natural positioning or search engine positioning. All these terms refer to the same thing, the optimization of a website to improve its position in the SERPs (acronym for Search Engine Results Page) of Google or any other search engine.
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SEO on page and SEO off page

We make you a professional web design, you have to bear in mind that when a user enters an outdated website and with an outdated design, they usually leave it. We get him to stay. Stand out from your competition and show your business on the internet with a professional website, with an attractive and responsive design, impressive photomontages and quality company videos. Do you already have a website and want to give it a more current “touch”? At Sercan we make you a professional web design and / or we redesign your website.
SEO positioning on-page

SEO On-Page

On-page SEO refers to the set of techniques that are applied on the web page that we want to position. For example, some factors when optimizing the on-page SEO of a website are:

Improving the speed and optimization of your website.

Image optimization.

The Sitemap.xml.

Creation of quality content.

Good web user experience.

Good structure of HTML tags (H1, H2, H3…).

SEO off-page positioning

SEO Off-Page

In this case we can define off-page SEO as the set of techniques that we carry out outside of our website but that also help to improve the position of your page in search engines. For example, some of these techniques are:

Use of social networks.

Link Building strategies.

Guest blogging.

Directory registration (Ex: Google My Business).

Content marketing brand building.


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User experience

It is one of the most important factors and you are gaining weight over time. If your visitors have a good experience on your website, they spend time on it, convert and repeat. That is, your users like the content they see and interact with it, and this is taken into account by Google.

Web optimization

THaving an optimized website is key to improving speed and loading times. In addition, this directly influences the point we saw earlier, the user experience. To check the loading times of your page, in our blog we explain how to do a web speed test.

Web Authority

It mainly refers to the notoriety or popularity of your page. If your website and the content you create add value, users share it and link you naturally, Google knows what is interesting and takes it into account when positioning it.

We increase the value of your business

With search engine positioning strategies and tactics that enhance your brand image, help distinguish yourself from your competition and attract customers determined to take a step forward hand in hand with your company.

Selection of keywords based on the market niche you are targeting.

Web design with search engine optimization criteria.

Continuous results monitoring.

Analytics of your business.

Study of the behavior of your target audience and your competition.

Increase in your ranking in Google.

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With SEO positioning you will win ...

User satisfaction before, during and after browsing your website.
+ Visibility
+ More Web Visits
+ Potential Customers
+ Sales

Our SEO positioning and
optimization services

When the success of your business is at stake, improvising is not a good idea.
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Local SEO

Increase sales in the area where the store is located, the more specific the job, the greater the chances of reaching that potential customer.

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Seo Audit

We audit your website to optimize its search engine performance and obtain better positions on the Internet.

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Online Reputation

We create online reputation improvement campaigns for any type of company on Facebook and Google.

Seo Santander 2024

Web Analytics

Web analytics is about understanding and interpreting data to optimize and improve results. Through web analysis, the impact of online marketing campaigns is also studied, how users behave, what are the keywords that work best or trends.
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At Sercan we have created this new website with the aim of helping local businesses and we are creating the #DondeComprasImporta campaign with this we want to contribute, recognize and help all those small and medium-sized businesses that, with great effort and creativity, are managing to overcome the circumstances so adverse caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

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